Thursday, February 13, 2014

Join the calm....

I went this last December for my annual trip to Maui.  This year was exceptional....maybe because I was feeling a bit overloaded.  With a change for me to another company, back in May (after 25+ years with the same real estate company), the rushing to get everything in order for my new move (Fusion Real Estate Network), it was all good..but I needed the quiet and peace that Maui offers.

Once I get off the plane I know I've come home to my qausi second home.  And once I get out of Costco (located super close to the airport) with some food supplies and a new Tommie Bahama beach chair, I head over to Ka'anapali....the resort is right on the beach, no roads to cross, just walk straight from my room direct to the beach.

I know so many of the 'first greeters', the staff that has been there for years, who make sure my bags catch up with me and my food in my one-bedroom unit.  Their smiles make it so easy for me to shut down what I've come from, and look forward to doing.....nothing.

I come with no agenda.  I bring my golf clubs (in the new travel bag I bought for them) and I think they (the clubs) liked it!  But I don't necessarily plan to play...if the urge shows up..I may take it...or not.  I bring some books.  But I prefer the Kindle...but paperbacks still work.  I bring some bookkeeping...if I get to it, but certainly not for a while.

When I get to my room, there are flowers there!  Aw, they are from my son's in-laws who had come to Maui at this location, for over a week  That's so sweet...and they lasted a long time!

Now, it's February I look back at my time away...I continue to look forward for my next time there.  What did I do on this last trip?  Turns out I played golf six times.  I coasted (fast) on a bike down Haleakala.  Evan, my son, commented on that bike ride...that he was impressed for two I got up early (2:30am), and that I handled the cold (freezing at over 8500').  I never get up early...even at home, and I don't go out in freezing weather when I'm on Maui - it's against my DNA.

I encourage everybody to take time for themselves, for their relationships, time for thinking, time for winding down.  And this time, I'm determined to keep the calm throughout this year.  Aaaahhhh.

live richly, marilyn

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Few will dispute the healing benefits of a change of pace and a change of scenery....

With some great opportunities out there, you may be able to claim both for yourself. Solo or with a group of family and/or friends, this may be the perfect time for you claim that getaway!

The economy has rebounded and folks are booking trips to Hawaii!  If you want a unit...let me know as far ahead as possible!  With warning we can get you what you want....if not, I may be able to wait-list you for your first choice (no guarantees on getting that!).  But you'll be heading off for Hawaii....who can complain about that! 

Prices are headng upwards in hotels...but I control the prices on my timeshares! 

Here's the deal. I own a bunch of timeshares....high quality Westin (Starwood) products.   Some examples of what folks have done:

*2013 my son's in-laws wanted a great trip to MAUI....and they got it last fall!

*2012 a couple wanted to get away and they went for over a week.

*2011 a friend, her daughter, and her mom had a wonderful five days in Maui....the grand-mom got the studio unit, and the daughter and grand-daughter took the adjoining one bedroom unit.  Perfect for space and peace when desired.

*2011 another friend, a single woman, called on rather short notice and asked for five days in a studio, just for herself.  She LOVED it!

*2010 in July, I was able to arrange 10 days concurrently for (2) two bedroom units in Maui. My daughter and her husband from New Zealand took a studio, my son and his wife from San Diego took a studio, my brother and his wife and their 2 kids took a 1 bedroom (kids used the convert-a-bed in the living room), and I took a 1 bedroom. It may have been a trip of a lifetime for all to come together for an amazing, fun, relaxing, no-hassle time. Complete freedom to come and go, eat out, eat in, use the wonderful big gas grills on the property. Pools, beach, all just steps away.

Here's what I've got:
Maui (Lahaina, Ka'anapali)

(1) 2 bedroom unit that can be split into a studio or a 1 bedroom.

  • Westin Ka'anapali Ocean Resort Villas North Villas
  • This island has everything. Really.

Kauai (Princeville)

(3) 2 bedroom units
that can be split into studios or 1 bedrooms.
  • Westin Princeville Ocean Resort Villas Villas
  • This island is drop-dead gorgeous. Where else can you still be in the US and be steps from the warm ocean, rain forests, outback roads, huge valleys, equally huge mountains! More low-key than extreme high end, don't be fooled. These accommodations are world-class as is the golf right next door.
Amenities in Kauai and Maui!
Internet access: You may not want to take work with you, but if you have to, the internet access in each condo is excellent! No extra charge!

Cell phone reception: I've never had a problem with it. And I do take work with me and MUST get it done!

Kitchens: are lovely. Even the studio units have full kitchens w/ dishwasher. Everything is just smaller!

Bathrooms: luxurious, including a separate spa tub and a separate large glorious shower.

Laundry: each unit (yep, even the studios) have stacked washers and dryers. So convenient!

Media amenities: flat screen TV's in each living room AND each bedroom. Bose sound box.

Scottsdale, AZ

(1) premium 1 bedroom unit

  • Westin Kierland Villas Villas
Scottsdale is a premium one bedroom. Amenities are similar to Maui and Kaui units!

Westin is known for its Heavenly King Beds that are the featured elegant item in all bedrooms. AWESOME!

Ask me about:
  • Pricing for the timeshares
  • Timing and arranging dates
  • Background - What lead to all this happening
  • The type of folks who love this style of vacation
Here are some examples of what I do with the units:
  • I combine either studios or 1 bedroom units, (depending on what I want) into extended stays for 3 weeks. I have the flexibility to combine or isolate the units.  If I didn't have to work (and I do), I could work it to have 11 weeks in the island.
  • I can combine various weeks from various locations to other locations around the world. If there is a place you want to stay....let's see if these timeshares can help you get there! Since I love Hawaii so much I haven't felt the need to do that! But that may yet happen.
Because of the ownership status I hold with Starwood (Westin) I'm able to get more personalized service and some perks that make organizing a stay even better! It all goes through me.

Questions? Send me an email and reference Marilyn's timeshares or give me a call.